Immigrant Students are the Future of Work

We started Kado in 2021 to democratize access to opportunity. Although that vision lies at the core of our business, it has transformed into our mission to power how the world works together. Today, we are proud to call 100 companies, and 38% of the Fortune 500 customers, but we are just getting started. As work continues to evolve, we stay focused on delivering innovation to organizations across the globe and blowing our customers' minds every day with our immigrant talent pipeline.

“Kado is built on the principle of bringing immigrants together to do amazing work. We do this by creating a better way to match skills for people who have the language barrier.”

Gladymir Philippe, Chief Executive Officer

— We're looking for the brightest minds to help us develop the future of work.

Take risks. Fail fast. GSD

The world is moving incredibly fast, and we can't let anything slow us down. That's why we take big bets, iterate constantly, and learn from our mistakes.

Kado in the news

"Kado is changing the way we think about hiring and is bringing back a tradition of craftsmanship that is lacking in today's business environment."

Utah Business Magazine

A marketplace that brings real-world experience into the classroom to eliminate graduate underemployment.

Podcast: A conversation with Gladymir Philippe, Founder of Kado.

How Kado is solving this major problem for college students, schools, and companies?

Written by Deira Bennett


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